The Mighty Pint

Wonderful news..Rhode Island legislation has changed to allow breweries to sell to you, our beloved and loyal customers, beer to consume on premises as well as up to 288oz of your favorite beers to take home. This will change the way we offer our products while you visit our brewery.  Our tastings will still be available in case you haven’t come by before, or if you just simply want to tasting of all our offerings.  We will also be able to sell you beer to consume on premises (up to 72oz) if that is what you wish to do.

As we move forward we are looking at the possibility of expanding the hours that we open to the public.  We hope to see everyone come by.  Grab a pint, take some to go, support your local brewery and please bare with us while we adjust to our new reality.


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Solis Citrio

Solis Citrio is available now at the brewery and only for a limited time.  This amazingly refreshing wheat ale was made with Lemon Basil and hopped up to give you a delicious citrus flavors and aroma. Enjoy during the warm weather. (While supplies last)13268037_1172270426140733_8013819053061522252_o

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Brewery closed

The brewery will closed March 3rd. We will re-open for tastings on Saturday at normal hours.

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Pouring for our four legged friends


Brewery Manager Chris Combs getting ready to pour at the 2015 Pints for Paws. This event helps raise funds to help support the Providence Animal Rescue League and their efforts to find homes for our four legged friends.

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Home of the Raven.


This week is bottling week for Domum Corvino.

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Busy Days

I want to apologize for being absent from the website for a while.  I wanted to take the time to update you on what’s been going on with Ravenous.

Since our last update, our Coffee Milk Stout has been pouring regularly at various locations throughout Rhode Island.  If you check the “Find Ravenous on Tap” section of this website you will be able to find the locations where Coffee Milk Stout has been pouring.

We have participated in a few beer events since our last posting.  We attended a  beer tasting event at the Elks Lodge in Woonsocket, RI.  We also participated in our first beer festival, RI Brewfest, in Pawtucket, RI and we poured beer at a fundraiser at the Adams Memorial public library  in Central Falls, RI and at the Rhode Island flower show at the Providence Convention Center.

Craft beer in Rhode Island has had amazing few couple of months.  With articles highlighting the Rhode Island craft beer scene in numerous publications, an awareness has increased and people are learning that local craft beer does exist in RI and that the beer is outstanding.

As we move forward, we will continue to focus on quality and on our local area.  We totally appreciate all the folks who have given us a chance and chose to put Ravenous on their tap selections.

Spring will be upon us shortly, and we are very excited to release our Blackstone Pale Ale, a clean med bodies American Pale Ale made with a dose of Rye and hopped with Columbus and Cascade.  The Blackstone PA was released a few week ago and will start appearing more frequently on taps near you.

Stay tuned for more information or Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for shortly, but more frequent updates.


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Wrapping up our first event.

So the time has come when I actually can post about the first event we actually attended as a brewery.  It wasn’t the Great American Beer Festival, or Beervana or any other kind of craftbeer festival.  It was the Autumnfest in Woonsocket, RI.  To be honest, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start.  A festival that is a long Woonsocket tradition, and which we hope to be part of for the foreseeable future.  Don’t get me wrong, someday we want to attend all those great beer festivals I mentioned above, but first and foremost we are a Woonsocket Brewery and this is where we want to make sure our roots grow strongest.

The Festival in itself was a fun time.  Considering that the weather was a bit on the rough side most of the weekend, people still came out and enjoyed the live music in the beer tent.   As for us, we met with people who were very welcoming to us and expressed their support.  We were able to spread the word about the brewery, and most importantly we kicked every keg we had set aside for the event.  The feedback we got was outstanding and I think it’s safe to say that there are a few new Coffee Milk Stout fans out there.

We look forwarding to seeing everyone again in the near future and ask that you stay posted for updates.


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Autumnfest 2012

So as we get ready to release our beers to the public, we are very excited that it will take place at this years Woonsocket Autumnfest.  We will be pouring our Coffee Milk Stout on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Come take a look around the Autumnfest, and stop by for a Rhode Island brewed Coffee Milk Stout.

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Where’s the beer!!

So now that I’m getting use to this blog, I wanted to post an update about our beer status.  Many of you have been asking “Where’s the beer” so I figured I’d answer the question.

We began producing our beers in late July…It’s now September and we’ve yet to release our beers to market.  Some few lucky people had a chance to taste some samples, but other than that no beer has been able to flow to the market.  The reason for that is the HEAT.  Our brewery like I said before is small and lacks many of the wonderful temperature control features that other breweries have.  The few temp control measures we’ve implemented have shown to be effective, but not efficient enough to battle the extremely warm days we had this summer.  So as a result he had a few batches that fell victim to “off” flavors caused by the inability to ferment at the temperature ranges we would prefer.  With that being said…If we’re not happy with the result we will not release the beer.

Good news is… the weather is cooling down and even though the last batches were did not meet our standards, we have learned from the issues that have presented themselves to us.   As we continue to ahead, we look forward to getting great beer into our area.

Thank you all for the continued support.

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‘Ravenous’ for first Woonsocket brew

Dorian Rave, owner of Ravenous Brewing Company, stands with the first licensed batches of beer to be brewed in Woonsocket. (Valley Breeze Photo By SANDY PHANEUF)

WOONSOCKET – The freshest brewed beer isn’t just a treat enjoyed by our neighbors in the southern half of the state anymoreRavenous Brewing Company started production of the first Woonsocket beer to be brewed by a licensed manufacturer this week.

The tasty libation should be hitting the shelves of local stores over the next few months. Read full article

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