What’s on Tap

Please check the link below to view our weekly tap selection at the brewery.  It will be updated on Thursday mornings to provide you with the most recent information

beerlist 02/27/19

32oz Howler fills available on all beers. (except Cogswell Tower DIPA)

Canned beer this week:

Rhode Haze (New England IPA)
Black Harvest Sweet Potato Stout
Cogswell Tower Double IPA
Coffee Milk Stout

*Disclaimer- We only can a very limited amount of beer.  It is a first come 1st serve basis.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

4 Responses to What’s on Tap

  1. Hi Ravenous Brewery,
    My name is Kristin and I’m one of the owners at the new Cook and Dagger restaurant in Greenville, RI. We just tapped your Coffee Milk Stout. Delicious! Tap handle just got here today and we served a couple of cold ones tonight. Thanks!

  2. Katie Mayo says:

    Very interested in different breweries. What types of beer do you brew? I couldn’t find a list.
    Can’t wait to stop by!

    • Dorian says:

      Hi Katie,

      We brew a wide array of beers. We are well know for our coffee milk stout, but we also have an American Pale Ale, and Black IPA, and delicious red ale, and thing are changing constantly. It would be difficult to tell you exactly what we will have when you arrive.



  3. MICHEL SMITH says:

    just tried the blured lines today great taste and aroma not the least bit bitter and convinced myself to purchase a growler, also tried the black harvest, the q
    more you let it sit and become room temp. then the more the sweet potatoe, cinnamon and allspice, become obvious, for a more unique brew.
    nkeep this one brewing folks.

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