Where’s the beer!!

So now that I’m getting use to this blog, I wanted to post an update about our beer status.  Many of you have been asking “Where’s the beer” so I figured I’d answer the question.

We began producing our beers in late July…It’s now September and we’ve yet to release our beers to market.  Some few lucky people had a chance to taste some samples, but other than that no beer has been able to flow to the market.  The reason for that is the HEAT.  Our brewery like I said before is small and lacks many of the wonderful temperature control features that other breweries have.  The few temp control measures we’ve implemented have shown to be effective, but not efficient enough to battle the extremely warm days we had this summer.  So as a result he had a few batches that fell victim to “off” flavors caused by the inability to ferment at the temperature ranges we would prefer.  With that being said…If we’re not happy with the result we will not release the beer.

Good news is… the weather is cooling down and even though the last batches were did not meet our standards, we have learned from the issues that have presented themselves to us.   As we continue to ahead, we look forward to getting great beer into our area.

Thank you all for the continued support.

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